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Gather up your old movies, tapes and DVDs and find a DVA Authorized Rep to assist you in the professional conversion and upload to your new Digital Video Archive account.

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Super 8mm, 8mm, & 16mm film, VHS, 8mm, Mini DV videotape, DVDs and video cards and hard drives - there's a lot of videos and memories stored on your old media. Before you can upload them to your DVA account they need to be converted to DVAs by one of our Authorized Reps. Take a look at our list of Authorized DVA Reps to find the one closest to you. They can perform this conversion to DVA and then upload them to your new Digital Video Archive account. Every new DVA has titles, chapter markers and thumbnail images just like your old DVDs so they're really easy and fun to watch. Once your DVAs are uploaded you can organize, edit, and invite your friends and family - your Viewers!

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